Coventry Tree Warden Network Annual Report 2021-2022

Despite Covid, we have had an interesting year, but with rather more sitting listening than being out and about. We did manage to obtain one grant from the Tree Council from a fund that was closing just 2 days after a local resident asked us to help plant some trees on the Everdon Estate in ….  Read More

Tree Story #11 – Emma and Zoe

Emma Aspinall and her daughter Zoe live in Stoke and volunteer together at the Kingsfield Orchard and other local environmental projects. Emma has been an active campaigner in the locality encouraging people to keep the area free from fly tipping and  litter. Zoe is 10 and regularly helps out at the Kingsfield orchard and also the Gosford Park Rockery. Although she works ….  Read More

Tree Story #10 – Ann’s Walnut Tree

Our first tree story for 2022 has been shared by Ann Wilson. Many of you may know Ann is a very active and committed member of the Coventry Tree Warden’s Network. She also sits on the CTWN committee: “Stoke Park is full of spectacular trees. I grew up there, and still live there.  My favourite ….  Read More

Tree Story #9 – Linda and Dave

This time our tree story has a very romantic theme and is shared by Dave and Linda Holmes.Before retiring Dave worked in Education as a teacher for Coventry Adult education Service and Linda worked as a Youth Service Manager for local authorities. Dave and Linda live in Earlsdon.Their story starts on a summers evening back ….  Read More

2021 AGM Report and Minutes

The Chair’s report and minutes from the 2021 Coventry Tree Warden Network AGM are available to view and download below:

2021 AGM

Our 2021 AGM will now take place at St Barbara’s Church Hall in Rochester Road Earlsdon on the 30th of September at 7pm.All are welcome and we are delighted that out tree warden training instructor, Mac, is going to tell us about the brilliant tree master plan that Birmingham is producing and which we hope will ….  Read More

Tree Story #8 – Olwyn and Bahar

This month we have two  tree stories which are shared by close friends Bahar Veshagh and Olwyn Ditchburn. Olwyn and Bahar spent many years working closely together for Leamington Children’s Centres. Bahar was finance officer for the organisation. She was born and grew up in Iran but now lives in Dunchurch.   Olwyn was the ….  Read More

Tree Story #7 – Paddy and Isla

This month we cross the generational divide to hear about favourite trees from brother and sister Paddy and Isla Chilvers. Paddy and Isla are pupils at Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School.  They live in Ryton with their Mum, Dad and big sister and their mischievous  Yorkshire Terrior called Buddy . Paddy says “My favourite tree ….  Read More

Tree Story #6 – Avril’s ‘Knocking Tree’

Our tree memory for April is shared by Avril Finnie. Avril was born in Coventry and  grew up in the Whitmore Park area. Avril  worked for many years at Warwick University Library as a Customer Support Coordinator for Customer Services.  She has recently moved with her family to the enviable location of Penmaenmawr in North ….  Read More

Tree Story #5 – Frank’s Indian Bean tree

As we wait for many of our trees to wake from their winter slumber signs are emerging to tell us Spring is surely on its way. To help celebrate its long awaited coming, this month Frank Vince has kindly shared with us some memories of one of his favourite trees. Frank is a retired consultant ….  Read More