Tree Story #9 – Linda and Dave

This time our tree story has a very romantic theme and is shared by Dave and Linda Holmes.
Before retiring Dave worked in Education as a teacher for Coventry Adult education Service and Linda worked as a Youth Service Manager for local authorities. Dave and Linda live in Earlsdon.
Their story starts on a summers evening back in 1973. The couple had met a couple of times previously, before going together to The Greyfriars Club Disco (just as friends) which was on Greyfriars Green. The disco was held in the basement of the club.
Linda and Dave recall having a great evening dancing and enjoying all that wonderful 70’s music !! Dave remembers Lou Reed’s ‘Take a Walk on the Wild side’ was played and he said the lyrics gave him the idea and chance he was looking for to ask Linda out as he knew he wanted to be more than just friends. Linda says: Dave suddenly surprised me by getting down on one knee on the dance floor. She said Dave asked her “would you like to take a walk out with me”. Linda’s cool reply was ”you’ll have to ask me properly”.
They took the walk on the wild side and walked outside to sit on a bench under a beautiful Lime tree just in front of the James Starley monument. The couple remember the tree having a beautiful canopy overhanging where they sat and they had their first kiss on that warm summers night. The rest they say is history. The tree still stands today and Linda says it is as magnificent as it was all those years ago.
In Europe The Common Lime tree symbolises fertility and Liberty and was often planted to commemorate battles. But best of all and pertinent to Linda and Dave’s story the leaves are dark green and heart shaped !!

If you have a tree story to share, we would love to hear from you.