Tree Story #11 – Emma and Zoe

Emma Aspinall and her daughter Zoe live in Stoke and volunteer together at the Kingsfield Orchard and other local environmental projects. Emma has been an active campaigner in the locality encouraging people to keep the area free from fly tipping and  litter.

Zoe is 10 and regularly helps out at the Kingsfield orchard and also the Gosford Park Rockery. Although she works hard planting, weeding and watering when required, she also enjoys looking out for signs of wildlife and being pushed around in the wheelbarrow (sounds fun Zoe!). Zoe is also in charge of setting up the drinks station for everyone making sure the biscuits are shared out equally!

Zoe says: “My favourite tree is the Star Magnolia. I have one in my front garden and I love it. I adore the scent that in the spring spreads into my bedroom. I was totally surprised when I first saw the beautiful flowers blossom, they are white and shaped like stars.  

Zoe enjoys all the trees she sees on her favourite walk around the beautiful ancient woodland – Piles Coppice.

Magnolias can grow up to 30 ft tall and have a life span between 80-120 years. Magnolia is an ancient genus appearing before Bees did. They have been naturalised to almost all continents in the world. Magnolias are said to symbolise nobility, perseverance and a love of nature. 

It can be no surprise then why Emma and Zoe love their volunteering work on environmental projects and walking in nature. CTWN  would like to thank Emma and Zoe for all their continued volunteering.

If you have a tree story to share we would love to hear from you.