This Mulberry has the largest girth of species in Warwickshire. Is it Coventry’s oldest tree?

LONDON ROAD CEMETERY This is the city’s only Grade 1 listed park because it contains many of Coventry’s important specimen trees. It was designed in the 1840s by Joseph Paxton (of Crystal Palace and Chatsworth fame).  It is well worth a visit.
HIMALAYAN PINE – London Road Cemetery

GIANT REDWOODS – London Road Cemetery

CANDELABRA LIMES – London Road Cemetery
These Limes have white under leaves and were planted along the roads to “light” the way.

PURPLE BEECH – London Road Cemetery

NARROW LEAVED ASH – London Road Cemetery
Many trees in the cemetery show amazing old grafts, this one in particular.

INCENSE CEDAR – London Road Cemetery
There is another one at St. Thomas’s church in Tamworth Road.

BOX LEAF MAPLE – London Road Cemetery
Also known as The Flamenco Flowered Acer due to its skirt-like flowers.

FERN LEAVED BEECH – Old Marconi Site
There are a lot of interesting trees on what was the old GEC golf course. This site is currently being developed for housing and hopefully these special trees will be protected.

Possibly Coventry’s oldest highway Oak

PTEROCARYA FRAXINIFOLIA – St Osburg’s School (There is also one at Sacred Heart School in Brays Lane, recently saved from loss due to building development)

THE JABET’S ASH – Binley Road
This lovely tree marks the old boundary of the city and was also a meeting place. It is a replacement of the original tree which was a significant landmark (one of the city’s gibbets) and was grown from a graft of the original.

There are many more lovely trees around the city including:
The Coat Of Arms Bridge Plane (possibly Coventry’s oldest Plane)
Lucombe Oaks Greyfriars Green perimeters (Cork Oak Scion upon Turkey Oak rootstock)
Manna Ash, Coventry Cathedral (in Green beween St. Michael’s Ave and Priory Row)
Silver Lime, Craven Street
Copper Beech, Allesley Old Road
Indian Bean Tree, opposite Little Park St Police Station

Photos will be added in due course.

Interested in extending your search?  

Visit Steven Falk’s great website to read his Warwickshire Tree Hunt articles to learn about our fantastic veteran trees and other interesting specimens in Coventry and Warwickshire. 


The Memorial Park
This is the city’s biggest and most important park, dedicated mainly to Coventry people who served in the 1st and 2nd world wars. Photos kindly provided by Kenneth Matthews.

In and around The Memorial Park. Photos kindly submitted by Jeanie Johnston, local watercolour artist and member of Coventry CHA Ramblers.

Canley Ford