Coventry Tree Warden Network (CTWN)

The aim of the group this year is to protect and plant more trees and keep spreading
the word about their huge importance to our health and well-being,
especially in relation to all the planned building development.

Coventry City Council have an updated DRAFT Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) which will be subject to a period of public consultation for 6 weeks between Monday 6th January 2020 and Monday 17th November 2020.

Click here to download the Trees and Development Guidelines for Coventry SPD along with its supporting documents.

The group has the following objectives to raise the profile of
trees and hedgerows around Coventry and its environs:

• To provide a forum for tree and hedgerow related issues.
• To gather and disseminate information about trees and hedgerows to aid proper management and maintenance.
• To promote the benefits of trees and hedgerows by raising awareness and through education.
• To liaise with statutory bodies and other organisations to influence policy and decision making.
• To encourage, promote and support practical projects associated with trees, woods and hedgerows.
• To raise public awareness of the CTWN, its objectives and activities.

  • Coventry Tree Warden Network Annual Report 2021-2022
    Despite Covid, we have had an interesting year, but with rather more sitting listening than being out and about. We did manage to obtain one grant from the Tree Council from a fund that was closing just 2 days after a local resident asked us to help plant some trees ….  Read More
  • Tree Story #11 – Emma and Zoe
    Emma Aspinall and her daughter Zoe live in Stoke and volunteer together at the Kingsfield Orchard and other local environmental projects. Emma has been an active campaigner in the locality encouraging people to keep the area free from fly tipping and  litter. Zoe is 10 and regularly helps out at the Kingsfield orchard and also the Gosford ….  Read More
  • Tree Story #10 – Ann’s Walnut Tree
    Our first tree story for 2022 has been shared by Ann Wilson. Many of you may know Ann is a very active and committed member of the Coventry Tree Warden’s Network. She also sits on the CTWN committee: “Stoke Park is full of spectacular trees. I grew up there, and ….  Read More
  • Tree Story #9 – Linda and Dave
    This time our tree story has a very romantic theme and is shared by Dave and Linda Holmes.Before retiring Dave worked in Education as a teacher for Coventry Adult education Service and Linda worked as a Youth Service Manager for local authorities. Dave and Linda live in Earlsdon.Their story starts ….  Read More
  • 2021 AGM Report and Minutes
    The Chair’s report and minutes from the 2021 Coventry Tree Warden Network AGM are available to view and download below: