Tree Story #7 – Paddy and Isla

This month we cross the generational divide to hear about favourite trees from brother and sister Paddy and Isla Chilvers. Paddy and Isla are pupils at Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School.  They live in Ryton with their Mum, Dad and big sister and their mischievous  Yorkshire Terrior called Buddy .

Paddy says “My favourite tree is a big cherry blossom tree that grows in Ryton rec. I love playing there with my friends. The tree has pink blossom and smells nice. I have climbed the tree lots of times and have never fallen off. When I climb it I try to jump from branch to branch, climbing higher and higher. I always make sure I don’t hurt the branches.  I feel happy when I get to the top and look down. I see lots of Bees flying onto the blossom

Sometimes it can be scary climbing down, so I try to jump off and nearly break my back.

I would be sad if the tree died or was cut down. It’s the best place.”

Cherry Blossom – Ryton on Dunsmore

Isla says “I like trees , especially European weeping beech trees. We have one somewhere up the big Hill in Ryton. It looks like its waving when its windy, I just like to look at it,  but best of all I have a special tree in St. Nicholas Park in Warwick. It’s a Cherry  Blossom tree and I always run round it 3 times and then make a wish. I like to smell the blossom.”

The Cherry Blossom has many meanings, amongst them in ancient mythology the fruit of the cherry blossom contains the elixir which gives gods their immortality. It is said, based on fossil evidence Cherry blossom trees first appeared 44.3 million years ago. They are grown mostly in the Northern hemisphere where there is temperate climate. They have a lifespan of between 30-40 years.

 Here’s hoping Paddy never breaks his back climbing trees and Isla’s wishes come true. If you would like to visit Isla’s wishing tree it is located in St Nicholas Park, opposite the boat hire hut on the corner adjacent to the stairs leading to the bridge. Paddy’s blossom tree is in Ryton Rec.

European Weeping Beech – Ryton on Dunsmore