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We are trying to save Piles Coppice, an incredibly special woodland on the outskirts of Coventry, a tiny remnant of the ancient forest of Arden. Mentioned in the Doomsday book and unchanged for hundreds of years, it is recognised as possibly the most important wood in the Midlands.

This beautiful wood has been many people’s salvation during the Covid crisis.

Apart from path clearance, it has remained untouched for over 80 years, including the last 30 while the Woodland Trust, who currently own it and, until recently, made the decision to leave it undisturbed. They have now handed it over to Warwickshire Wildlife Trust who insist it needs “managing”. They have just released a plan to start felling trees and opening up rides. This will mean literally tearing the wood apart with heavy machinery, destroying wildlife and habitat, selling rare and ancient trees for firewood and pumping all the carbon they are storing back into the air.

Our surveys have found rare plants, rare birds, rare moths and a very rare fungus, lots of bats and more. Much of this will be lost if their plan goes ahead and the pollution of climate change will take over.
The bluebells and anemones, which are the best in Warwickshire, will be swamped by bracken and brambles. This wood is healthy, stable and the wildlife is thriving, even though it is adjacent to a busy dual carriageway. Their plans do not make any sense.

Please support us by signing the petition and writing to Warwickshire Wildlife Trust and asking then to leave this wood alone. Let Nature look after it as it has been successfully doing for such a long time. The Trust’s latest policy is to “Let Nature Help”, so why do the opposite here?

Please write to as soon as possible. The deadline for comments is the 31st July.