The aim of the group this year is to protect and plant more trees and keep spreading
the word about their huge importance to our health and well-being,
especially in relation to all the planned building development.

Coventry City Council have an updated DRAFT Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) which will be subject to a period of public consultation for 6 weeks between Monday 6th January 2020 and Monday 17th November 2020.

• Trees and Development Guidelines for Coventry SPD December 2019 ( PDF – 2.9 MB)
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• Report of Consultation Statement Sepember 2019 ( PDF – 90 KB))
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Below are recent and ongoing activities of the group

• Tree Warden Training – Next meeting 5th October 2019
 Kingsway Orchard restoration
• Stoke Green tree avenue
• War Memorial Park boundary shrub planting

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The group has the following objectives to raise the profile of
trees and hedgerows around Coventry and its environs:

• To provide a forum for tree and hedgerow related issues.
• To gather and disseminate information about trees and hedgerows to aid proper management and maintenance.
• To promote the benefits of trees and hedgerows by raising awareness and through education.
• To liaise with statutory bodies and other organisations to influence policy and decision making.
• To encourage, promote and support practical projects associated with trees, woods and hedgerows.
• To raise public awareness of the CTWN, its objectives and activities.