Stoke Green Park

An avenue of Ulmus ‘New Horizon’ planted
in Cardiff Pontcanna Park

New avenue of trees

 For some time Coventry City Council have been worried about the safety of the old avenue of Horse Chestnut trees lining the avenue in Stoke Park from opposite Hugh Road. These have fallen into decline and suffer from a bleeding canker. There is no chemical treatment available in the UK to cure or arrest the development of bleeding canker. Felling being the most common solution.

Stoke Green residents and the CTWN have fought to prevent these trees from felling, but rather to allow them to decay and die naturally. These trees will gradually drop limbs as part of the process.

After discussions with the council it was agreed that a a new path would be created with avenue of trees, the existing Horse Chestnuts biing fenced off. The CTWN, with the residents group have obtained a grant from WREN to contribute to the cost.

The trees chosen for the avenue are Elm. Following the disasterous events in the 1960s and 1970s when trees were infected from a fungus spread by Bark Beetles with millions chopped down.

A disease resistant variety of Elm to be planted has been developed by Hillier Nurseries.
The variety is called Ulmus ‘New Horizon’, an avenue of these trees, seen on the left, have been planted in Pontcanna Park, Cardiff.