Latest events

Annual General Meeting 7th April 2020


We hope to have an interesting presentation as well as the formalities. Details to follow.

New Years Walk - 1st January 2020 - Piles Coppice - 2pm


How about walking off the excesses on New Year's Day in one of the most beautiful woods in Warwickshire? Bring the children, bring the dogs and enjoy a gentle stroll. There are a few wet bits, but not too bad and easily avoidable.

If you have not been there before, we will be starting from the BP garage on the A46. CV3 2ZZ. This is just south of the A428 island at Binley. The garage has recently been revamped. 

Park in the area on the left as you enter the site. The walk will start at 2pm. 

Thursday 3rd October 2019

Birmingham Institute of Forest Research - BIFoR

The Free-Air Carbon Dioxide Enrichment (FACE) experiment is Birmingham University's experimental project. Here they are trying to exaggerate the effects of climate change on trees in a woodland in Staffordshire in order to predict what might happen and attempt to find ways to counteract the problems.

We plan to visit the FACE project in the morning and the nearby Norbury Estate Arboretum in the afternoon.

A coach has being booked to and from the War Memorial Park, leaving at around 9.30am and returning late afternoon. There will obviously be a cost involved for the coach and a donation to FACE. It will depend on the numbers going, but is likely to be around £15 each.

National Memorial Arboretum
Sunday 29th September 2019, 09.30am – 4.30pm

Jointly hosted by Coventry, Warwickshire and Leicestershire Tree Warden Networks.

These events are always worth attending. Lots of shared information and a chance to catch up with wardens from other local networks.
Here is a chance to visit the National Memorial Arboretum if you have not already been.

For tickets go to: Eventbrite

24th of September 2019
Council House, Diamond Room 3, 7pm

We know we've got badgers in various parts of the city, Cannon Park, Finham and Binley for starters. Please come and tell us if you have seen one and learn more about them from two local experts.

Do come along and please bring anyone else who is interested.


Heritage Open Days


The Kingsfield Gardens/Orchard

On A444 Island with Binley Rd, CV2 4EW will be open on
Sunday 22nd 2019 September from: 11:00 - 16:00

There is parking in and around Kingsway.

The site was part of ‘King’s Fields’ so called it is said because it was where King Richard set up his camp prior to the Battle of Gosford Green. It appears on maps dated around 1860 with many trees and was divided into allotments which were for the use of Freemen of the City. Many old trees remain and some of the structure of the old site is still evident. The site has been neglected for many years having been isolated after the North-South road was built over part of it.

Coventry Tree Wardens are in the process of trying to restore this site. It was completely overgrown and is being gradually cleared. Some new fruit trees have been planted. It has been colonised by lots of different flora and fauna much of which we are trying to preserve.

We will be on hand to guide visitors round the site and discuss progress.

Please be aware that the ground is a bit rough and there are some trip hazards, but do come and join us.

There will be refreshments, apple pressing and traditional music.

Local walks


In April 2019 , we were at Piles Coppice to see the wonderful bluebells,
seen to the left.

Annual Moth Night

In May 2019 we met in the evening at the entrance to the BP garage on the A46 at Binley, CV3 2ZZ, David Brown will once again showed us many of the moths to be found in Piles Coppice Wood. Whether you are a moth enthusiast or not, visit and discover the variety of moths to be found here at night.