Coventry War Memorial Park

Screening of the Network Rail fencing

December 2017 - January 2018

 Following Network Rail's removal of so much vegetation along the line by the War Memorial Park last year, the Friends of the Waar Memorial Park (FWMP) got together with Coventry Tree Warden Network (CTWN) and hatched a plan to hide the ugly metal fencing that had been exposed.

After numerous complications, this finally came to fruition on the 9th and 10th of January. 33 people turned out on the 9th of January, including orange clad volunteers from Network Rail who had provided around 250 shrubs and trees to go in front of the fence. It was a rotten day and the plants had not arrived, nevertheless all the holes were dug in record time. Despite further hiccups, the delivery finally arrived the following afternoon and more volunteers worked on into the evening mist until the job was completed.

So, next time you walk in the park, we hope you enjoy what has planted and have shown how people coming together can make things happen.